If you are a student of Biblical Prophecy especially as it deals with the end times and the nation of Israel you must at some time go to the book of Ezekiel. As we look in chapter 38 we see the armies of the north coming down against the mountains of Israel. This takes place towards the end of the tribulation period of 7 years. The leader of this group of armies is Russia. This is seen in the first 3 verses; where it lists Gog and Magog and the “chief prince” of Meshech and Tubal. Many of these names are old names for places and peoples still in Russia. The Magogites inhabited the regions of today’s Russia. Tubal today is the city of Tubalsk. Meshech is Moscow. Also the phrase “chief prince” is translated from the word “Rosh” or Russia. As this northern army heads south towards Israel it is aligned with its allies including Turkey and the Germanic communists. But in verse 5 of Ezekiel 38 It says: Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them. Persia is today the region of Iran and Iraq.

Now as we return to the present, we are seeing the leadership of our nation making treaties with the enemies of Israel specifically pushing for the Iran nuclear deal. As terrible as it is for Israel and as advantageous as it is for Iran, we have I believe just opened Pandora’s Box. I see Saudi Arabia the next in a search for a nuclear bomb but unlike Iran they have the financial ability to just buy the needed technology and equipment from some other nuclear nation.

The Russia-Persian connection is still strong today as Russia has just announced that it will resume shipments of sophisticated ground to air missile batteries to Iran. These missiles will be used to protect Iranian centrifuges from air attacks from the Israeli Air Force. They could also be shipped from Iran to any of their many terrorist brothers in arms.

All of these terrorist countries and entities have sworn adherence to the same primary goal, the destruction of Israel; and without any opposition by American leadership they are using this time to build up their armies and weapons of war. And yet our national leadership refuses to make the acceptance of Israel’s right to be a nation as any part of the treaties with these terrorists. And then our national leadership blames Israel for the lack of progress toward peace with nations who refuse to allow Israel to survive as a nation.  Shame on our leaders who refuse to stipulate in our treaties with Israel’s enemies, Israel’s right to exist.

Praise the Lord as we read the accounts in Ezekiel we know who the winner is. Russia and its hordes are defeated by God’s mighty hand. But we must stand with Israel today as nation after nation seeks her demise. May we pray for the peace of Jerusalem and pray for our leadership that they will be more concerned with standing with God and blessing Israel than they are with their own personal legacy.