I have been saddened at the murder of so many Christians lately by Muslim murderers; though our Government mentions little about it because of the impending Iranian nuclear agreement.

The President has said that he will not invite the President of Israel, Mr. Netanyahu, to the White House until after the agreement is done after June. However he has invited and has had in the White House numerous Islamic State heads. From Saudi Arabia and Jordan and others; some sworn enemies of Israel but no invitation to Israel as though Israel had no part in this matter; when the country most affected by these talks is Israel.

This shows our national leadership’s total disregard toward Israel and its safety. Israel’s protection and security takes second place to an agreement with Iran which in all likelihood will lead to the nuclear armament of the entire Middle East, with or without a treaty.

Our leadership is showing the world that we will back down on our defense of our allies such as Ukraine and Yemen of which our president at one time proclaimed was a success story for the implementation of a democracy in the Middle East. Well that democracy is about to become totally taken over by radical Muslims. We tried to bring democracy to Iraq and we see how that is working out even after years of war and thousands of American lives.

Our independence and our Republican form of Government came after we rose up defended ourselves from tyranny and defeated our oppressors. These people in the Middle East desire an oppressive government. Their religion is an oppressive religion therefore the govt. will be oppressive as well. Democracy and Islam will not work together.

Our form of government we have in America was founded and designed as a Christian nation. No wonder our nation is in such a free fall from what it was originally designed to be, a constitutional republic because we have left the Biblical context on which our Country was founded. When Our President stated we are no longer a Christian nation that was the signal to the end of our republic. Our founding fathers knew and believed this.  Pray for our country and its leaders our we will be laid to rest like so many other countries on the scrap heap of nations.