Throughout history since the time of the Pharaohs; when the throng of Jews were released from servitude under the leadership of Moses and by God’s mighty hand there has been a hatred of the Jewish people. All manner of nationalities and nomadic tribes have tried to eradicate their race.

But why? Why the hatred why the ceaseless desire for the Jews destruction and the destruction of any who would side with them. And why haven’t these myriad of nations and peoples not been able to destroy them.

Pharaoh tried. All of the ites tried; the Moabites, the Amorites and the Canaanites. Hitler tried. And today it is the Muslim nations who work and live for the death of the Jews. Why all this hate targeted toward one people one Nation the size of New Jersey?

Because from the first the Jews have been the chosen, the protected, and the blessed people of God. Pharaoh believed it as all of his chariots and men were drowned in the Red Sea. Jericho believed it as they sat in fear of Joshua’s God and then to see their mighty walls fall flat before the God of Israel. The Babylonian king understood it as he was made to crawl on all fours and eat grass like a cow. The Persian King understood it as Daniel’s God shut the mouths of the lions to keep Daniel safe and then to eat those who had planned Daniel’s demise.

Even in Israel’s captivity God kept watch over his people always leaving himself a faithful remnant. Hitler understood it as his Aryan empire came to an end and he committed suicide. And the nations of today know history and have seen God’s blessing on Israel and the Jewish people and on those who bless them. And the world hates the Jew and their God today just as the world has always hated our God.

When Jesus came to earth as God’s son the world hated him. Why? Because he came into the world as the light of the world. The light to show them the truth. The truth of their sin and the truth of God’s love for them if they would just repent and turn to the light and be saved. But men loved darkness rather than light both then and now.

Jesus warned that the world would hate us as Christians just as it hated him. So we should not be surprised at the killing of Christians and Jews today. Because there is a hatred of the things and people of God. That hatred is imposed upon people by the ruler of this world the devil. Jesus warned believers that rulers would try them and persecute them and kill them.

For the most part Christians today are determined to stand with Israel and to bless them in many ways. So it is no surprise to me that the headlines today are full of be-headings of Christians and anti antisemitism reaching from Europe and Asia to South America and Africa,  from the Middle East and Russia to China and the United States.

The rulers of this world hate the Jews because they hate the God of the Jews. We as Christians love the Jewish people and we love our God and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem. One day there will be peace for Israel not one offered by man but one brought to earth by the Messiah of Israel.