In light of recent events and the continuing abandonment of our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel; we are contacting many churches and congregations calling on all those who have been born again in Christ to unite in a show of support for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people who are the chosen of God.

On the evening of May 23 and the beginning of May 24 at 12:00 midnight we are going to turn on all our outside lights, get into our cars and start them up. Perhaps drive to a predetermined location. Then we will turn on our headlights and at midnight blow our car horns in an act of civil disobedience and as a show to our leadership and to the people of America and to the people of Israel that we stand in unity behind Israel and Jerusalem.

For way too long our leadership has steered this country in a progressive direction away from God and his blessings. It is high time for Christians to take a stand for the Biblical principles that this nation was founded upon whatever lies those in authority would have you believe.

Stand with me and others at midnight May 24th. And let the lights shine and the horns blow and perhaps the walls of hatred towards Israel will fall as did the walls of Jericho.



midnight flyer 2