colored map of the middle east with major cities

A Self Fulfilling Prophecy

As an example of a self fulfilling prophecy I submit my previous post, The Red Line Crossed, in which I stated that we have opened Pandora’s Box by promoting an acceptance of the Iran nuclear agreement. It has already brought about negative repercussions.

Like Iran, at least twelve other Middle Eastern countries have either announced plans to explore atomic energy or have signed nuclear cooperation agreements: Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman (Two other counties – Yemen and Libya – cancelled their nuclear programs). Each of these countries, like Iran as well, have explicitly stated that they are only interested in peaceful uses of nuclear technology. (

self fulfilling prophecyPakistan is conducting testing of a ballistic missile that could carry a nuclear warhead. Russia has now declared that the release of ground to air missile batteries to Iran was in direct response to the U. S. agreement with Iran.

Putin is implying that in his understanding this would be allowed under the current negotiated terms of the nuclear agreement; meaning that our national leadership would be willing to allow this to happen so that Iran’s centrifuges might be protected.

So here we are, allowing the protection of the centrifuges used to enrich uranium for a nation that cries out in their streets Death to America and the obliteration of the Jewish people; the nation in which their people were seen rejoicing over the deadly outcome of 9/11.

Our leadership has stated that it will not diminish the ability of the US to destroy those missile batteries but how about Israel. Will this protect Iran’s centrifuges from Israeli attacks?

So let’s add this up; that by pushing this Iran Nuclear agreement, we have started an arms race in the Middle East, we have denied Israel an opportunity to attack these reactor sites, we have allowed Russian sales of missile batteries to Iran and possibly to any of Iran’s terrorist buddies; and we see this as an act of making the world a better and safer place?

Excuse me as I try to restart my brain. What are they thinking! And so it begins. Don’t think it will stop here. We will continue to see negative outcomes of this detestable agreement with Iran.

This is a self fulfilling prophecy that Israel brought to the attention of the world months ago. Peoples of the world passed it off as the words of paranoia. But this self fulfilling prophecy has now begun.