This week our President and his main negotiators have been boasting a new Iran nuclear agreement that is supposed to stop Iran”s nuclear production by at least a year. Now as our leadership began these negotiations months ago, they said at that time that Iran could have enough enriched uranium for a bomb in a couple of months; this is the President’s Redline, 2 months. That was months ago. Now we are told that the final agreement has until June, almost 3 months away, to be finalized. Well just do the math. By then Iran will already have nuclear bomb capabilities.

After June, Iran will just be going through the motions to get the devastating sanctions off of their backs. All of this enriched bomb grade uranium will be shipped to Russia sometime before the end of negotiations in June. Then Iran will be willing to curb back their uranium enrichment because they have already crossed the Red Line that Israel had warned about. With Russian help they will have at least 1 bomb ready sometime this year, though you will never know it.

In June we would have to deal with verifying what Iran is doing to be in compliance with the treaty. After many years of centrifuge building and uranium enrichment how well has Iran kept its promises regarding it nuclear facilities? Never! Do we really expect them to do so now? They will hide what needs to be hidden from the nuclear inspectors to keep up Iran’s appearance of compliance so that the sanctions will not continue; thus giving them even more funding toward their ultimate goal, the destruction of Israel.

Iran has been continuing to build and create centrifuges under extreme sanctions for years do you really think that they care now whether the sanctions are removed or not? They have already said that they would continue their manufacture of enriched uranium no matter what happens, so who are we fooling?

What we have done either knowingly or inadvertently is opened Pandora’s Box. It will never be closed again. And what will come out will not be pretty. The cat has been let out of the bag and there is no way of getting him back in.

Are our leaders that naive in what they are doing or do they just think we the people are so naive that we will just believe what they say? If we believe that this agreement will in any way hinder Iran’s goal of a nuclear bomb and the destruction of Israel, then maybe we are that naive!