It seems like the rate of our leadership’s desertion of Israel is going at a breakneck pace. Our justice department has just ordered the release of Israel’s nuclear capability strategies from 1987 at the FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request of a journalist known for his anti Israel leanings. Talk about deserting our friends & allies. Let’s just throw Israel under the bus. This information has been refused until now, right after Netanyahu’s re-election and statement about the 2 state peace initiative. Talk about payback.Our leadership lost in it’s attempt to bring about regime change in Israel and now Israel is being punished.

Our leadership is so concentrated on getting a nuclear treaty deal worked out with Iran, Israel”s enemy, that they have now given in to allow Iranian centrifuges to be left in their underground enclosure thus taking the chance of Israel’s destruction of these types of centrifuges unlikely. Thus leaving Israel with  no way of protecting itself from the production of adequate amounts of nuclear bomb grade uranium.

We are finding our leadership cursing Israel and God’s curse will follow. If you don’t believe me then believe history. All nations who have gone against Israel have lost their position of world leadership. Ask Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, The United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and if we don’t change our direction the United States of America.

It is God who raises nations and God who brings nations down. America was raised up by God a beacon of hope but God will also bring us down as we continue to rebel, and forsake the Lord and his people. This will be the Real Payback!

Daniel spent hours praying for Israel and its sinfulness as we should pray for America and our sinfulness. Lord forgive us as a nation we repent of our national sins as we repent of our personal sins. Lord have mercy on all those who love you and serve you. We pray for our leadership. We pray for their true salvation. We pray for our leaders that they will turn again to you in prayer as our forefathers did regularly. Lord we lift you up in praise, honor and glory! Amen!

In light of recent events and the continuing abandonment of our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel; we are contacting many churches and congregations calling on all those who have been born again in Christ to unite in a show of support for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people who are the chosen of God.

On the evening of May 23 and the beginning of May 24 at 12:00 midnight we are going to turn on all our outside lights, get into our cars and start them up. Perhaps drive to a predetermined location. Then we will turn on our headlights and at midnight blow our car horns in an act of civil disobedience and as a show to our leadership and to the people of America and to the people of Israel that we stand in unity behind Israel and Jerusalem.

For way too long our leadership has steered this country in a progressive direction away from God and his blessings. It is high time for Christians to take a stand for the Biblical principles that this nation was founded upon whatever lies those in authority would have you believe.

Stand with me and others at midnight May 24th. And let the lights shine and the horns blow and perhaps the walls of hatred towards Israel will fall as did the walls of Jericho.



midnight flyer 2