Throughout history since the time of the Pharaohs; when the throng of Jews were released from servitude under the leadership of Moses and by God’s mighty hand there has been a hatred of the Jewish people. All manner of nationalities and nomadic tribes have tried to eradicate their race. But why? Why the hatred why the ceaseless […]

colored map of the middle east with major cities

A Self Fulfilling Prophecy As an example of a self fulfilling prophecy I submit my previous post, The Red Line Crossed, in which I stated that we have opened Pandora’s Box by promoting an acceptance of the Iran nuclear agreement. It has already brought about negative repercussions. Like Iran, at least twelve other Middle Eastern countries have […]

If you are a student of Biblical Prophecy especially as it deals with the end times and the nation of Israel you must at some time go to the book of Ezekiel. As we look in chapter 38 we see the armies of the north coming down against the mountains of Israel. This takes place […]

This week our President and his main negotiators have been boasting a new Iran nuclear agreement that is supposed to stop Iran”s nuclear production by at least a year. Now as our leadership began these negotiations months ago, they said at that time that Iran could have enough enriched uranium for a bomb in a couple […]